SCIVIS Registration is OPEN!!

Registration Instructions for Individuals, and Group Leaders or Chaperones

Hello Chaperones!

Registration for SCIVIS is now open!  The first step in this new process is to register as a group during the SCIVIS week, October 6-10 2024. 

You have two ways to register:

Individual Registration

  1. This form is for students who travel alone to camp or with a parent, friend, who is not staying for the week as a chaperone. Chaperones cannot be parents. Chaperones should be education professionals. If you want to register in this manner, complete the Individual Registration Form.

Or …

Group Leader Registration 

  1. You can register with a group leader.  This is usually someone from your school or a vision teacher acting as a chaperone bringing one or more students.  The student only needs to follow instructions from the chaperone.  See below for instructions.

NOTE: Don’t freak out -- The total number of students and students per programs can be changed. Space Camp just needs to know so they can reserve slots for you.

Group Registration Form

Students in the Advanced program can apply to University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) College Credit for attending Space Camp MS Word Document (12k)