SCI-VIS: Chaperone Duties & Responsibilities 

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Dan Oates - SCI-VIS
190 Armstrong St.
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Please read the following information.

If you have specific health issues or dietary concerns you should email those directly to the nurses at Space Camp and they will take care of those. Copy me if you wish and I will follow up when I arrive in Huntsville. Nurses:

The chaperone population at this year's SCI-VIS will be quite large. SPACE CAMP will provide all chaperones and room and board and, in return, the U.S. Space and Rocket Center will expect your services as vision professionals. Your expectations are as follows:

One simulator, the Centrifuge, has G-Forces in excess of 4 G's. The eye consultant for the U. S. Space and Rocket Center strongly advises you not to let children experience this simulator when they arrive at Space Camp or after graduation. It is during these times that children and their chaperones have the opportunity to roam freely about the facility. It is also during this time that chaperones have allowed their children to "go off" by themselves and explore independently. In the past it has been these times that children have simply walked onto these simulators without supervision. During the week this simulator will be closed to children in our program. If you, in the role of a chaperone, accept the responsibility for children "riding" this simulator or give them permission to roam independently about the facility, then you will also being accepting the responsibility for any adverse effects that anyone may suffer as a result of the Centrifuge. As hard as we try to get the word to the workers at these simulators, it is both impossible and impractical for them to question all children before entering this simulator. See Space Camp Activities-Effects on Eye Conditions for additional information.

If we can be of any service to your SPACE CAMP team prior to your arrival, please let me know. Dan Oates can be reached by e-mail: ) or cell phone 304-851-5680.

Thank you for your interest in this very special program.

Dan Oates

Helpful Information for chaperones: