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“Just because I can't see the stars, doesn't mean I can't reach for them” - SCIVIS Alumni


"We are all here to learn with our peers. Let us celebrate our similarities and our differences. Let us respect other cultures, religions, and languages. At our beginning, many were given little chance but due to the people in our lives, we find ourselves in a wonderful place with wonderful people. Let us flourish in our learning, find joy in our experiences and remember our friends and knowledge we gained at Space Camp." -- Dan Oates

Note: the forms on this site are specifically for blind and visually impaired students attending Space Camp for Interested Vially Impaired Students. Go to Space camp for form and programming information for non-visually impaired students

Registration for SCIVIS 2020 is now open...

Registration - Sun. Sept 27, 2020, no earlier than 11 AM (see Note below)
Graduation - Thurs. Oct 1, 2020. 
Departure - Friday Oct. 2, 2020

Program Costs: $965 - Camp, Academy, Mach I, II, III, Robotics 

Program Cost for Advanced Academy $1135

NOTE: There will be no transportation to/from the airport.  Late Departure will be $99
Students arriving before 11 AM for registration will have to pay a $25 day-of-early-arrival fee UNLESS a chaperone is responsible for the students. Registration will not start before 11 AM.


As the SCIVIS group leader, all payments must be received by Dan Oates. Invoices are available upon request. Space Camp invoices the SCIVIS coordinator and a total payment is then forwarded to Space Camp for the program. All grants are accepted directly by the U. S. Space and Rocket Center Education Foundation and credited to the SCIVIS account. Payment can be made in several ways:

  1. Credit cards can be accepted for payment for most SCIVIS fees. There will be fees attached to all credit card payments. We will be using a Square device to accept credit cards. Square charges a fee of 3.75% for credit cards not present, in other words, cards taken over the phone.
    1. All credit card payments will be charged the 3.75% fee or the current fee at the time of transaction. If the card is present at the time of the transaction, i.e. day of camp, there will be an approximate discount of 1%. All of the fees are preset on my Square device.
    2. Rounded off transaction fees are added to each of the above items and discounted for card present transactions.
  2. For state, businesses, and government agencies that are required to have a W-9 and issue a 1090 form, I will need to register as a business with your agency. Please begin this process as soon as possible as to not delay payment. The name of the business is Low Vision Consultative, LLC.
  3. PayPal is also an option. Once again fees for the transaction must be charged based on PayPal’s guidelines. Use the email address, to locate the account on PayPal.
  4. Personal checks can be mailed to Dan Oates, 190 Armstrong St., Romney, WV 26757. Personal checks should be made to Space Camp for the Blind.

If you have questions, please contact Dan Oates, or call 304-851-5680.

NEWS for SCIVIS 2020

I was informed yesterday that the State of West Virginia has cancelled all field trips for the current school year. Even though, Trina Britcher and I are retired employees, this means that if we attend, we will not be reimbursed for our expenses through our granting organization. We are in the process of securing other funding if the program is held. Space Camp held its first week-long program this week and things appear to be going well.

That being said, Space Camp is still committed to having SCIVIS 2020. With that in mind, the following information is made available:

Under the current circumstances, this is the best situation available to us. As you well know, things can change. Space Camp is will continue to adjust each week they hold a program between now and the end of the September.

Please let me know if you have questions. I can be contacted through email, or by phone, 304-851-5680.

NOTE: If you have not previously completed the questionnaire on the SCIVIS Chaperone Facebook page, please do so. This is a very helpful tool!

I appreciate all who were in attendance for the Zoom conference on Saturday, June 20 and those of you who have watched the recording later.

Your questions were all sent to Robin Soprano, VP of Space Camp Operations, and these are her responses. Robin says, “we have a good plan in place for returning to Operations. However, as we work through the first week or two, we’ll adjust, as needed. Our current Health Order expires July 3rd, so we’ll review the next order and make further changes if needed”.

1. If we start on Sunday and graduate on Thursday night will be there be a deduction in price since we would essentially lose a full day?

Answer: This would actually align the SCIVIS program with the schedule for all our other programs that are the same price. I’ll discuss with others but no promises. We’ve been in the past honoring same price but starting much earlier. I understand your perspective so we will discuss.

  1. We are making the following assumptions, please verify
    1. No activities on Friday, Oct. 2, except departure. ANSWER: That is correct. Breakfast and then departures begin
    2. No party after graduation We can consider the parties. Answer: Our current plan for summer graduations is by program 7pm, 8pm and 9pm. We can make our normal one large graduation for SCIVIS so I think the schedule supports your party if desired. But bigger question is can we socially distance and party/dance?

2. Does Space Camp supply mask?

Answer: We are planning to provide 2 masks per trainee, but we encourage them to bring some from home that they are comfortable wearing.

3. Are there any specifications for the mask to meet if they are brought to Camp? 

Answer: Space Camp appropriate, nothing offensive and one they are comfortable wearing.

4. Can parents pick up their kids after Thursday night grad, knowing that they can’t attend? 

Answer: We can consider this – I’d like to get a feel for how many would do this so we can consider the labor and process.

5. Can we be assured graduation will be streamed? Vince usually does this for us, assuming he has access to graduation. 

Answer: Yes, we are planning to do this each week. We can consider Vince doing your graduation if that is preferred. We can share a link for a summer graduation, and you can decide.

6. If a child develops a fever, what is the procedure? 

Answer: Our current COVID19/Summer 2020 policy is a fever of 100.4 or greater will mean going home. This is related to our regional approach for summer so that parents can get to us quickly for pickup.

7. If a chaperone develops a fever, what happens to the chaperone and the students they are chaperoning. 

Answer: Great question. I think we’ll have to be prepared with substitutes, particularly if they are serving as sighted guides.

8. Is the rock wall at the ropes course open? 

ANSWER: For summer, we are not but that’s partly because we alternate between zipline and climbing wall for AA. It’s zipline for summer AA. Let me talk with Cody and Nathan.

9. Is the Mars Rock Wall in the museum open? 

ANSWER: Currently it is not open but the Museum has a plan for phased opening. Sanitizing between participants is a challenge they are noodling.

My thought on SCIVIS 2020, and this may change, is that we probably will be cancelling the week, due to lack of chaperones being able to come with students. Many schools have limited travel and field trips.

My most important questions to Space Camp have been when registration will open and when is the last day for registration. After numerous requests for answers, all that Space Camp has suggested is the date of Aug. 14 with no response concerning registration. We are the only program scheduled for our week so if it is cancelled, Space Camp will have a week off.


Hello to all scholarship applicants and teachers,

As you all are aware, the world is in unchartered territory and a different path than ever before. While I am certain we will all come through this pandemic, it does leave events, such as SCIVIS, uncertain.

At present time, we are proceeding toward September 2020, with the plan that SCIVIS will take place. This is not a decision that I will make. It is a decision that Space Camp will make, and for which we will abide. Their governing body is tasked with the operation of the camp and the safety of their staff and trainees.

The deadline for all scholarships was March 15 and those scholarship applications are being evaluated now. Those applications will be processed with the idea that the program will be held.

Currently, money has been received by the Space Camp Education Foundation for the Lighthouse Vision Scholarships and the Northrop-Grumman Scholarships. Delta Gamma monies aren’t normally sent until May, so there is a chance they will elect not to send it because of the current economy. At this point, anything is possible.

I have already received word to withdraw an application from Australia since their government has banned all school trips abroad until 2021. If you are aware of a similar situation in your country, please notify me immediately so that I can withdraw your application. If the camp is cancelled, I will hold all scholarship applications until SCIVIS 2021 and there will be no need to reapply. If the camp is held and you are unable to attend, then you will need to reapply for 2021. Scholarship awards are not transferable to other persons.

I cannot begin to predict when Space Camp will make the call as to the future of SCIVIS 2020. You can rest assured they are as anxious to have us there as you are to attend.

I look forward to reading and evaluating all of the scholarship applications. It was a big year! We had 54 applications for all of our scholarships.In the meantime, let’s keep hoping and praying for the good health of our students, families and ourselves!NASA Internships

NASA Internships, Fellowships, and Scholarships (NIFS) at Summer 2016 internships run from early June until early August for college students and from late June until early August for high school students. All student interns get paid. Contact information for students with visual impairments Dr. Craig Moore (craig.e.moore at sign or Dr. Robert Shelton (robert.o.shelton at sign


Student on the Shuttle Flight Deck entering commands into the Shuttle's computer.SCIVIS is

Students in Mission Control reading braille scripts.SCIVIS is actually 5 separate programs.