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“Just because I can't see the stars, doesn't mean I can't reach for them” - Space Camp Alumni


"We are all here to learn with our peers. Let us celebrate our similarities and our differences. Let us respect other cultures, religions, and languages. At our beginning, many were given little chance but due to the people in our lives, we find ourselves in a wonderful place with wonderful people. Let us flourish in our learning, find joy in our experiences and remember our friends and knowledge we gained at Space Camp." -- Dan Oates

SCIVIS 30th Anniversary!!


Camp dates for 2019, September 28 - October 3! (travel home October 4)

Program Costs: ALL PROGRAMS except Advanced $965 (Camp, Academy, Mach I, II, III, Robotics)

Program Cost for Advanced Academy $1135

NOTE: Transportation to/from airport will be $50, Early Arrival / Late Departure will be $99


As the group leader, all payments must be received by Dan Oates.  Invoices are available upon request.  Space Camp invoices SCIVIS and a total payment of between $120K-$140K is made for the program.  All grants are accepted directly by the U. S. Space and Rocket Center Education Foundation and credited to the SCIVIS account. Payment can be made in several ways:

  1. Credit cards can be accepted for payment for most SCIVIS fees.  As this isn’t a profit-making venture, there will be fees attached to all credit card payments.  We will be using a Square device to accept credit cards.  Square charges a fee of 3.75% for credit cards not present, in other words, cards taken over the phone. 
    1. All credit card payments will be charged the 3.75% fee.  If the card is present at the time of the transaction, i.e. day of camp, there will be an approximate discount of 1%.  All of the fees are preset on my Square device.
    2. Rounded off transaction fees are added to each of the above items and discounted for card present transactions.
  2. PayPal is also an option.  Once again fees for the transaction must be charged based on PayPal’s guidelines.  Use the email address, scivis@atlanticbb.netto locate the account on PayPal.
  3. Personal checks can be mailed to Dan Oates, 190 Armstrong St., Romney, WV  26757.  Checks should be made to Space Camp for the Blind.

If you have questions, please contact Dan Oates, or call 304-851-5680

Lighthouse Scholarship Form  Application Deadline: April 1, 2019

Northrop Grumman Scholarship Form  Application Deadline: April 1,2019

Delta Gamma Scholarship Form  Application Deadline: April 15, 2019

North Texas Space Camp Scholarship Application Deadline: May 6, 2019

NASA Internships

NASA Internships, Fellowships, and Scholarships (NIFS) at Summer 2016 internships run from early June until early August for college students and from late June until early August for high school students. All student interns get paid. Contact information for students with visual impairments Dr. Craig Moore (craig.e.moore at sign or Dr. Robert Shelton (robert.o.shelton at sign


Student on the Shuttle Flight Deck entering commands into the Shuttle's computer.SCIVIS is

Students in Mission Control reading braille scripts.SCIVIS is actually 5 separate programs.